by Emma Thomson
on May 11, 2018
2 min read

Africa’s lions; icons our of ancient lands, proud members of the Big 5 and the undeniable Kings of the savannah. Not only are these majestic creatures known to be the biggest of our cats but for Disney lovers, their reign supreme was cemented by the “The Lion King” story. Our talented contestants for this year’s Africa’s Photographer of the Year competition ventured out into the wild to capture captivating images of ‘Simba’s pride’.

The King of camouflage

A male lion partly concealed in long grass

A male lion hiding in the grass
Photo Credit: David Cox

Proud and powerful

A close-up profile of a male African lion

Profile of a male African lion
Photo Credit: Alison Ross

Up-close and personal

A close-up front profile shot of a male lion

Getting up-close and personal
Photo Credit: Jay Collier

Surveying his kingdom

A male lion surveying his kingdom atop a rock

A male lion sitting atop a rock
Photo Credit: Yaron Schmid

Being a Prince is tough work

Three lion cubs relaxing in the sand together

Lion cubs relaxing in the sand
Photo Credit: Emanuele Stano

The clear ruler of the lands

A male lion standing alone

Standing alone
Photo Credit: Sebastien Sauzay

Hiding in tall grass

A male lion using his camouflage skills in the long grass

Using his camouflage skills in the long grass
Photo Credit: Sushil Chauhan

Even a lion needs a little rest

A male lion lying on a rock having a rest

A male lion having a rest on a rock
Photo Credit: Vittorio Ricci

And so do his family!

Little lion cub resting on his mother's neck

A lion cub and his mother having a rest
Photo Credit: Yaron Schmid

For more information, or to enter this incredible competition, follow the link to our website and submit your images to our current category “Roaring Lions & Big Cats”.

Feature Photo Credit: Yaron Schmid