by Jemma Brewitt
on October 16, 2017
3 min read

The photographers of the Africa Through My Lens category can put a feather in their caps. This is especially true with the array of bird photography we have received showcasing the rainbow colours flitting through our African skies. Home to some of the worlds best birding, you’ll find birders flocking to Africa and frantically ticking off species from their bucket-lists. The Kruger National Park in South Africa hosts around 530 different types of species, making this our favourite birding spot. Without feather ado, here are the bird submissions for Africa’s Photographer of the Year:

Pearl spotted owl sitting on a branch in Africa

Karen: Pearl-spotted owl

hornbill with sunset in the background

Conny Müller: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

blue cheecked bee eaters sitting together

Jean Goldstone: Blue-cheeked bee-eaters

A lilac breasted roller in Africa

Anthony Goldman: Lilac-breasted roller

Owl flying at sunrise over flowers

John Mullineux: Barn owl

Southern yellow billed hornbill in Africa

Rajeev Parikh: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

A lilac breasted roller in flight

Elisabeth Sicard: Lilac-breasted roller

Peter Täschler: Bateleur

Nicolas Durand: Holub’s golden weaver

egret flying in Africa

Arvind Hari: Great white egret

A scarlet chested sunbird in the flowers

Anthony Goldman: Scarlet-chested sunbird

twany eagle scaring away other birds for food

Dave Gale: Tawny eagle

Hornbill in Africa

Jean Goldstone: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

Bee eater resting on a reed

Jean Goldstone: Blue-cheeked bee-eater

Andrew Watkinson: Booted eagle

a pied kingfisher cooling down

Andrew Watkinson: Giant kingfisher

sugar bird oon proteas

Belinda van Rensburg: Cape sugarbird


Jean Goldstone: Immature crowned cormorant

White quilled bustard

Jean Goldstone: White-quilled bustard

malachite kingfisher

Nick Dale: Malachite kingfisher

Adip Singh: Eastern cattle egret

Beate Schwippert: Juvenile spotted eagle-owls

Jacha Potgieter: Lesser flamingo

red-billed oxpecker on an antelope

Conny Müller: Red-billed oxpecker

Anthony Goldman: White-bellied sunbird

Pied kingfisher with catch

Arvind Hari: Pied kingfisher

lilac breasted roller

John Imlah: Lilac-breasted roller

white backed vulture

Angela Farnsworth: White-backed vulture

Marc de Chalain: Scarlet-chested sunbird

lilac breasted roller

Elisabeth Grabner: Lilac-breasted roller

Common moorhen swimming with frog in beak, South Africa

John Mullineux: Common moorhen

Karin Keller: Red-billed oxpeckers

Rajeev Parikh: Greater blue-eared starling

Hailey Bowden: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

Michelle Luck: Southern masked weaver

Gurveer Sira: White-backed vulture

Jacha Potgieter: Great white pelican

Arvind Hari: Pied kingfisher

Conny Mülle: Greater blue-eared starlings

lilac breasted roller

Ralph Delisio: Lilac-breasted roller

Angela Farnsworth: Kori bustard

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