by Jemma Brewitt
on October 23, 2017
4 min read

“Their elusive nature probably fuels their mystique, but it’s their sleek beauty and majestic grace that really captivates us” – Matthew Sterne

Matt couldn’t have described the thrill of spotting a leopard any better. A sighting of this big cat is usually on the top of any safari goer’s list, however they are often the toughest to spot and so a glimpse of their mottled bodies can have a game vehicle in gasps. Although being one of Africa’s most elusive cats, the leopard submissions we have received from Africa’s Photographer of the Year have caught this cat in the act and have us purring. Here are some exquisite photographs of leopard:

A leopard cub close up

Arnfinn Johansen: Leopard cub close up

Male leopard in the beautiful Sabi Sabi

Georgina Leith: Male leopard in the beautiful Sabi Sands

Leopard standing in a tree at sunrise

Doug Croft: This magnificent leopard was bathed in the orange hues of the African sunrise. Breath-taking.

Leopard cub hiding in a log

Teresa Glod: Leopard cub waiting for Mom in Moremi, Botswana

A male leopard close up in a tree

Michael Raddall: The Alpha

A leopard in black and white looking at the camera

Sean Brogan

Close up of leopard walking

Nili Gudhka: Catwalk

A leopard in a tree with a carcass

Michael Weidmann: Keep away from my dinner

A leopard walking in desert sands

Stefano Romei: Take a walk on the wildside

A close up of a leopard

Alexandre Fiocre: Deep leopard look, Masaï Mara Kenya

A close up of a leopard lying down

Stefan: The beautiful one

A leopard female sitting in a tree

Ed Ruggiero: Surveying her territory

Leopard mom drinking with her cub in a puddle, Kenya

François Jorion: Leopard mom drinking with her cub in a puddle, Kenya

A leopard looking through the grass in black and white

Michael Raddall: Eyes in the undergrowth

Close up of leopard cub resting

Philip Marazzi: Leopard cub portait, near Savute channel, Botswana

Leopard walking against dark background

Aliya Habib: Leopard on a mission

Leopard walking towards camera on a dirt road

Anthony Goldman: On the move

Leopard lying on tree branch

Clément Denuit: Only my death can stop me

Leopard hunting in the dry grass of Africa

Daniele Orsetti: Hunting

Leopard sitting in tree branch and licking its paws

Dean Robinson: Counting claws

A close up of a leopards face

Anthony Goldman: The mystical eyes of a leopard

A leopard resting in a tree

Michael Raddall: The resting king

Leopard lying on a branck in the Okavango of Botswana

Ed Ruggiero: Relaxing in the afternoon in the Okavango

A leopard looking into the sun

Fabian Beckmann: There is not much more elegant, then a leopard in my mind. This beautiful female was sitting in the evening sun, while I took the picture.

A male leopard walking along a pathway

Gabriel Clark: The Piva male roaming his territory at Londolozi Game Reserve

A leopard yawning while lying in the grass

Georgina Leith: Big yawn

A leopard looking to begin hunting for its next prey

George Skelton: Watching next meal

A close up of a male leopard with scars

Jane Pearce: Dewane Dayone at Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa

A leopard hiding behind a branch

Jaymin Patel: One eye leopard at Samburu National Reserve in Kenya

A side profile of a leopard's face

Iris Yor: Focused in Sabi Sands

A leopard walking amoungst green foilage

Jaymin Patel: Leopard patrolling his territory

A leopard cub resting in a tree

Judy Boch: Well earned rest for a rambunctious-cub

 A leopard resting in a tree in the Sabi Sands

Justus van Dillen: A leopard resting in a tree in the Sabi Sands

A leopard cub/baby on a branch

Michael Raddall: New life

An angry leopard snarling

Louise Vicor: Angry leopard

Leopard lying down on lush green grass in Kenya

Marius von Bentzel: Leopard at Masai Mara National Park

Leopard running along sandy track in grass

Nick Dale: Leopard running along sandy track in grass

A leopard with a carcass up a tree

Nimit Virdi: Yummy

A leopard balancing on a log in Kenya

Patel Jaymin: Leopard stalking Samburu, Kenya

A leopard yawning

Sheila Hammer: Big leopard yawn

Mother leopard looking out for her cubs

Shreya Patel: Mama leopard on the lookout

Leopard camouflaged in grass

Kalyanasundaram: Look into his eyes to experience the power of focus and courage

A closeup of a leopard with its prey up a tree

Nicole Van Der Walt: Mkanye staring straight on into the distance

A leopard stalking while the sun sets

Teresa Glod: Stalking as the sun sets

A leopard resting in a tree

Tiffany Hibbins: View from above

A close up of a leopard and its teeth

Werner Schmäing: Broken teeth

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Header image by Anthony Goldman.