by Megon Venter
on November 16, 2018
2 min read

Uncover some of Africa’s hidden gems through the eyes of our Africa’s Photographer of the Year contestants. We’ve been viewing thousands of submissions all year and seen some amazing examples of Africa’s beauty. Our competition is currently in its final phase for 2018 with Africa off the Beaten Track as our last category. We’re waiting with great anticipation as our jury of judges make their decision about the winner. Once we’ve announced our last category winner, they will be placed into the draw to win the grand prize of a nine-night stay at three respective luxury safari lodges. For more exciting images, have a look at our blog that showcases the Colours of Africa.

Camels on the Beach

Africa's hidden gems

Photo Credit: Casey Markham

Breathtaking Views

Africa's hidden gems

Photo Credit: Julie Osborne-Tame

Growing Tea

Africa's hidden gems

Photo Credit: Stevie Reinhart

Our photographers venture all around the continent to get these shots. Some of the destinations include South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. Our last category gallery is made up of more obscure shots that are rather different from our other categories in terms of theme. The shots include not only the usual game reserve and national park inclusions but also more colourful, quirky and abstract photographs. If you have suggestions about future categories or you’d like to say something about the wonderful inclusions you’ve seen here, please comment on our posts and give our photographers some positive feedback.

Snow-capped Mountains

Africa's hidden gems

Photo Credit: Tibor Kércz

A Plethora of Wildlife

Africa's hidden gems

Photo Credit: Thorsten Hanewald

Cultural Diversity

Africa's hidden gems

Photo Credit: Melanie van Zyl

Read our interview with our previous category winner and gain some tips about photography. You can still enter Africa off the Beaten Track where you can show off your own captures of Africa’s hidden gems. Even if you are not crowned the final winner of the competition, you still win a pair of Swarovski binoculars as the category winner. If you’ve never been to Africa but you’ve been inspired by our recent blog posts and our competition entries, why not see the plains, beaches and creatures for yourself?