by Megon Venter
on November 30, 2018
2 min read

Africa’s deserts are admired by all those who visit them but the extent of the diversity and depth of these regions isn’t known to many. From the Kalahari to Namibia, there is so much variety not only in terms of landscape but also the flora that grows here and the wildlife that roam through these endless expanses. We celebrate some of the best shots of deserts taken by our Africa’s Photographer of the Year contestants for the Africa Off the Beaten Track category below.



Photo Credit: Lea Raas

You can also view other photographs from this category in our Africa Off the Beaten Track gallery. Each theme has its own gallery and stays open for your viewing pleasure, even after the winner has been selected.



Photo Credit: Claudio Maioli

Our contestants are feeling very colourful this category and we’ve created another post showcasing the colours of Africa which include more shots of spectacular landscapes as well as striking birdlife.



Photo Credit: Geraldine Davies

Sometimes though, it’s better for the subject to create a black and white scene that captures the moment a little more vividly. You can have a look at our compilation of black and white photographs from our Wildlife Portraits category to see this in effect.



Photo Credit: Beate Schwippert

The above photo is taken in the Namibian desert and we’ve written a traveller’s tale about this very region including this car! You can have a look at this sandy trek all the way from the border through to the Fish River Canyon.



Photo Credit: Stephan Averbeck

A fun fact about the nature of deserts is their miraculous way of supporting so much life in a place that seems to be dead. Many trees and shrubs simply conserve their resources during harsh conditions, only to flourish when the time is right. You can read more on Rhino Africa’s blog about amazing desert-adapted animals.



Photo Credit: Harry Randell

Your final chance to enter Africa’s Photographer of the Year is coming to end as this is our last category. All of our lucky category winners (selected by our panel of judges) are entered into the draw to win our grand prize – a nine-night luxury safari. Which is your favourite entry?