by Emma Thomson
on March 16, 2018
1 min read

Contrary to the beliefs of a certain president, the African continent shines with an undeniable beauty. Breathtaking landscapes, wild animals and incredible people captivate not only us, but also the participants of Africa’s Photographer of the Year (APOTY). Here is a selection of the most beautiful submissions from our current category “Capture Africa”.

Unique people.

Namibian man blowing smoke

Photo Credit: Alexandre Sattler

Beauty in every detail.

Chameleon in the sand

Photo Credit: Anton Kruger

The Lion King?

Lion in the savannah

Photo Credit: Arnaud Legrand

Perhaps the most elegant of the big cats.

APOTY 2018

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Bignotti

Our incredible cities.

Morning fog over the city of cape town in the morning

Photo Credit: Marlin (Captureson Photography)

A home of many cultures.

Turkana woman

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Bignotti

Wonderfully diverse wildlife.

Meerkat in a wall

Photo Credit: Simon Smith

Amazing aerial views of Cape Town, South Africa’s Mother City.

paragliding in Cape Town

Photo Credit: Mauro Matalone

Africa’s wilderness without elephants? Impossible.

Elephant in the dust

Photo Credit: George Dian Balan

Beautiful beaches and unforgettable sunsets.

Africa's beaches

Photo Credit: Francois Roux

Which of these has triggered the true feeling of Africa for you? Keep an eye on our blog for more of the best pictures of this beautiful continent. If you also love taking photos, why not take part in our Africa’s Photographer of the Year competition? The lucky winner of the Grand Prize wins a trip for two worth $32,000!

Cover photo: Nick Dale