by Megon Venter
on October 26, 2018
2 min read

Africa is home to a variety of creatures and landscapes, all showcasing different palettes. Our Africa Off the Beaten Track category is heating up, especially since this is our last one before the Africa’s Photographer of the Year competition closes! We’ve posted in the past about our best black & white photos of the Wildlife Portraits category and now we’re showing off a rainbow of photography with a selection of colours of Africa. Find out how to enter our competition here and become one of our contestants before the year is over.

Namibian Pink

Colours of Africa

Photo Credit: Stephan Averbeck

Ugandan Green

Colours of Africa

Photo Credit: Thorsten Hanewald

Sossusvlei Orange

Colours of Africa

Photo Credit: Lea Raas

Our photographers come from all around the world and have travelled to the farthest reaches of the continent to bring us these amazing colours and photographs. You can submit any photograph according to category and our specifications on the APOTY website. Our judges then select a winner for the category (each of whom win a pair of Swarovski binoculars) and each person enters a draw to be crowned Africa’s Photographer of the Year. You can also view all of our entries on the website’s gallery in order to pick your favourite to win.

Maasai Maran Red

Colours of Africa

Photo Credit: Fraser Kennedy

Tanzanian Blue

Colours of Africa

Photo Credit: Casey Markham

Cederberg Black & White

Colours of Africa

Photo Credit: Adrian Zaugg

Enter your snaps into our competition now in order to stand a chance of winning this category. Hurry though! Africa’s Photographer of the Year closes in November and our winner will be selected from the pool of category winners. Our winner of the entire competition gets the grand prize and will be invited to venture out on a nine-night stay at three luxury safari lodges. Get yourself excited about our prizes by reading about them on our prizes page.