by Emma Thomson
on May 28, 2018
1 min read

Spectating scenes of family life in the African wilderness is a truly special experience. The participants of Africa’s Photographer of the Year have hidden in bushes and traversed various landscapes to get some truly unique shots. Here are our top 10 picks!

Cleaning time

A young cub getting a good clean from two lionesses

A young cub and two lionesses
Photo Credit: Alexander Ley

Sibling catwalk

Two young leopards walking together surrounded by long grass

Two leopard cubs walking together
Photo Credit: Daniel Fincham

Feeding time for the cubs

Three young lion cubs and their mother

Three lion cubs and their mother
Photo Credit: David Cox

Does it get much cuter?

A small cheetah cub and its mother

Cheetah cub cuddles
Photo Credit: Arnfinn Johansen

A family portrait

Three young lions having a family portrait

Three young lions in a family portrait
Photo Credit: Fabrizio Bignotti

Leopard love

A young leopard and its mother relaxing in a tree

A young leopard and its mother
Photo Credit: Stephan Averbeck

A mother’s protective instinct

A lioness shielding her small cub

A lioness and her cub
Photo Credit: David Cox

Quality time

Two cheetahs sitting together

Two cheetahs sitting together
Photo Credit: Thorsten Hanewald

Carrying the cubs

A mother lioness carrying one of her cubs while two others follow

A lioness carrying a cub while two others follow
Photo Credit: Fabrizio Bignotti

Keeping track of the cubs

A lioness and several cubs sitting together

A lioness and her cubs
Photo Credit: David Cox

If you’d like to know more about our prestigious competition and the incredible prizes to be won, head over to our website. Our “Roaring Lions and Big Cats” category is still open so send in your submissions!

Feature Photo Credit: David Cox