by Megon Venter
on October 19, 2018
3 min read

Africa’s Photographer of the Year is a competition based on finding spectacular shots from a variety of photographers. This means that no matter your qualification or skill-level, we’re always looking for that magical shot that will win our grand prize. Are you interested in entering but don’t know where to start? Read below for our list of things to take along to a safari shoot.

1. Neutral Clothing

safari shoot

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Perez

On safari it’s really important to blend in with your surroundings. This attracts the wildlife to you more than appearing as a colourful foreign object that stands out among the bush. There’s no need to dress up in your full “Out of Africa” gear but there is something to be said about khaki.

2. Point-and-Shoot Camera

safari shoot

Photo Credit: Casey Markham

More seasoned photographers will of course bring their larger, more complex cameras in hopes of capturing those breathtaking sunsets in high definition but it’s also worth it to bring along a small “point-and-shoot” camera for game drives. A smaller, easy-to-use camera allows you to capture animals that move more quickly through the bush. Attempting to set up a tripod along with big lenses and a heavy device could cost you the opportunity to capture something rare.

3. Extra Memory Cards and Batteries

safari shoot

Photo Credit: Martina Stoecker

This may seem an obvious point to make but while you may have brought all of your memory cards and an extra set of batteries with to your camp or lodge, you may not remember to bring it with on longer game drives and walks. These excursions along with a safari shoot can last as long as three hours and it would be a shame to miss out on some great sightings because your memory card is full!

4. Telephoto Lenses

safari shoot

Photo Credit: Rabia Jaffar

The biggest thing about the African wild is that it is unpredictable. While you may have an extremely knowledgeable guide at your side or be staying at a camp that gets right up close to the wildlife, there are always situations where a spectacular creature is visible to you but not necessarily close by. You also wouldn’t want blurry photographs, so bring along a telephoto lens to capture those animals hiding in a tree or out in the distance.

5. Binoculars

safari shoot

Photo Credit: Stephan Averbeck

This point links to the one above in terms of visibility. You may be able to see something or you may be told there is something but unless you can pinpoint its exact location, you’ll find it’s very difficult to capture with just a camera. Binoculars are also excellent for spotting birdlife while on a game drive.

Are you inspired to hit the bush in search of your own wildlife shots? Enter our Africa’s Photographer of the Year competition before it closes and stand another chance at snapping some photographs on a luxury safari shoot.