by Jemma Brewitt
on August 31, 2017
2 min read

‘You know, they say an elephant never forgets. But what they don’t tell you is that you never forget an elephant.’ – Jack Corcoran

This is very true when looking at the entries for Africa’s Photographer of the Year. Elephants seem to have caught the hearts of many photographers traveling throughout Africa. Not only have these majestic giants posed beautifully for the camera, but they also sometimes have a little one skipping next to them, giving the shot that extra cuteness factor.

Here are 20 beautiful submissions of elephants:

Elephant gazing into the sunset

Gazing into the sunset: Jessica Murray

Circle of life: Neil Bradfield

Elephant and baby

Photo credit: Casey Allen

Elephant and baby in green vegetation

Family one: Andreas Sartor

Elephants in dusty sunset

Elephants and rhinos kicking up dust: Matt Stephens

Photo credit: Wrensch Lombard

Cute elephant baby

Baby giant: Sally Hinton

Elephant and sunset in Africa

Sundowner: Jacha Potgieter

Elephants trunk and tusks

Sometimes even an elephant needs to rest his trunk: Christoph Voellmy

mother and baby elephant in the dry african grass

Nurtured natural love: Hailey Bowden

Mother elephant helping baby elephant

Elephant mother helping her calf up a slope: Nadja Zoe Landert

Elephant bull walking on road

Photo credit: Andreas Sartor

Elephants walking together

Save the beautiful elephants of Africa: Judy Patching

Baby elephant resting beneath mothers legs

Quick nap: Sally Hinton

Elephant spraying water

Evening mudbath: Dave Gale

Baby elephants first steps

First steps: Andrew Watkinson

Baby elephants playing in the bush

Playtime in the bush: Philip George

Elephant spraying water

Elephant spray: Sally Hinton

Elephant walking in water

Photo credit: Neil Preyer

Elephants fighting in the water

Photo credit: Andreas Sartor

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