by Emma Thomson
on April 9, 2018
1 min read

What would Africa be without its distinguished big cats? As a true highlight of every safari, they not only captivate visitors from all over the world but also the participants of our Africa’s Photographer of the Year (APOTY) competition. Having captured the majesty of our phenomenal felines so well, we thought we should share some of the best entries from our active category “Roaring Lions & Big Cats”. So, without further ado…

The king of the jungle.

Lion standing in long grass

Photo Credit: Sebastian Sauzay

The circle of life.

Leopard in a tree with its kill

Photo Credit: Janet Winterbourne

Eye to eye.

close-up of a lion

Photo Credit: Claude Melde

Face to face.

close-up of a leopard lying in a tree

Photo Credit: Julie Ansoult

Surveying the surrounds.

lioness looking around

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Bignotti

Tree climbing specialists.

leopard climbing down a tree

Photo Credit: Thorsten Hanewa

Side by side through the Savanna.

male and female lions walking side by side

Photo Credit: Fabrizio Bignotti

Sheltered in the shade of the trees.

two leopards in a tree

Photo Credit: Stephan Averbeck

Queen of the jungle.

growling female lion

Photo Credit: Christoph Voellmy

The Usain Bolt of our big cats.

two cheetahs sitting in the sun

Photo Credit: Thorsten Hanewald


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